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Waterpride Estates and the Environment


Greenford is a civil engineering and construction company providing innovative construction and design services of the highest quality.

In 2017, Greenford completed a renewable energy project located at Sonning Weir on the River Thames in Berkshire.

Greenford designed, built and installed the Archimedes hydro screw, constructed the generator housing structure, and completed the landscaping, enabling it to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

The Waterpride Hydropower Generator produces enough electricity to offset Waterpride Estates’ annual energy usage, making us the only carbon neutral moorings business in the UK. Waterpride Estates aims to provide spaces for people to enjoy as part of Britain's environmental landscape, while reducing our own impact on it. 

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Green Holidays

Canal boating makes the perfect green holiday! On average, a canal boat holiday produces an estimated 20 times less carbon than flying two hours across Europe.


We at Waterpride are thrilled to be a part of your 'green' holiday - whether it's a quick mooring, or simply stopping by.  

We at Waterpride ensure that our canals are respected and looked after at every site. We have effective waste disposal and environmental preservation measures in place.

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